.NET Framework - How to design a web application where the authentication mechanism is pluggable?

Asked By deostroll on 09-Jul-12 12:25 PM

I mean to say that the site can support any kind of authentication
mechanism. Either forms/windows/any other kind. How must we design an
application like this?

This is actually a question I have shared on stackoverflow >>

Responses anywhere is appreciated.


Arne_Vajhøj replied to deostroll on 30-Jul-12 09:02 PM
That feature is built in to ASP.NET!

You design the app to use the member ship functionality.

The end user can specify any including his own
member ship provider in web.config.

OK - it does require some coding to write a
member ship provider, but ASP.NET comes with
a few to chose from for those that do not want that.