.NET Framework - A connection attempt failed

Asked By anarki_i on 04-Jun-12 12:57 PM
Hello everyone!

I am made server spdy and deploy it on azure, when i try connect to it
by tls protocol i get exception:

A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not
properly respond after a period of time, or established connection
failed because connected host has failed to respond

I get an exception at runtime:

Brian Cryer replied to anarki_i on 06-Jun-12 05:21 AM
Sounds like a firewall issue. I have not use Azure but I believe there is the
equivalent configuration - somewhere you can specify where you can connect
from, be it inside the Azure network or externally. So assuming your
connection string is correct then look at the configuration at the database
end. Sorry I cannot be more specific than that, but I hope it gives you
enough to go on.
Brian Cryer