.NET Framework - .Net Tip : Intersect or find common records of Two LINQ queries withC# Examples and VB.Net Examples

Asked By Jayesh Sorathia on 24-Jul-12 02:58 AM
You can get Intersect of two LINQ query or Results.
Intersect means find common records between two LINQ results.

Here is example of this.
In this example we execute two different LINQ Query on DataTable and find two different results object.
After that we find common records from these two results.

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Arne_Vajhøj replied to Jayesh Sorathia on 26-Jul-12 10:19 AM
I am not that convinced that using data sets and LINQ to objects
makes much sense.

And just like Response.Write should not be used for single
value output in ASP.NET then it should not be used for multi
value output either. There are controls for that. Maybe a