.NET Framework - vertical gridview

Asked By mcnewsxp on 06-Aug-12 06:21 PM
i would like the headers down the left side and the rows going across the top left to right.
can do?

Peter Duniho replied to mcnewsxp on 06-Aug-12 08:14 PM
I am not aware of any setting in the GridView control itself that would do

You might be able to fool the GridView control to draw into an off-screen
bitmap which you would then manipulate to achieve the effect, but there is
no guarantee that would work for future versions of .NET (though since
there is very little WinForms work being done by Microsoft, I'd say if you
could get it to work at all, it'd probably keep working in future

Of course, you can always implement your own version of the GridView
control.  Custom controls are not generally too terribly difficult to write,
especially if you do not have to support general-purpose behaviors the way
the built-in controls do.