.NET Framework - Uninstall VSCommands

Asked By HtDaP on 15-Mar-11 05:33 AM

I have installed the VSCommand plugin on my Visual Studio 2010, and now
I want to uninstall it cause it causes problems at startup. But it do
not show on AddIns Manager of VS.

Can anybody helpme on how to uninstall this addon ?

Thank you.

Eric O'Sullivan replied to HtDaP on 05-May-11 07:01 AM
You will find the option to uninstall it under the "Tools>Extension Manager" option in VS2010. However, if you are on Vista or W7, then you will need to run VS2010 as an administrator before it will allow you to uninstall (the buttons were disabled for me without it).

Hope this helps.
diomedes.domingue replied to HtDaP on 18-Jul-12 08:19 AM