.NET Framework - How to remove an item from ADFS web.config life

Asked By Alex V. on 08-May-11 11:25 AM
After much messing around with trying to uncomment the three unneeded
authentication types, I have decided to delete them. But to my great
dismay I could not even do that.

This is the script that DIDNT work (ADFS cant parse the .config file).

$xml=new-object xml
localAuthenticationTypes/add")| where {$_.name -ne 'forms'} | foreach
{$_.name = "<!-- $_.name -->"}

This is what XML looks like:

I really appreciate your help,

timric replied to Alex V. on 10-May-11 04:49 AM
It does not look like you ever saved back to the xml file after making
your changes.

Try adding the following line to the xml script after you have made your