.NET Framework - Word tables borders

Asked By Peter Flynn on 30-Jul-12 04:13 PM
I am trying to understand the OOXML rules for table borders
(I am transforming Word content with XSLT into HTML).

I created a Word document with a small table, and clicked on the Borders
icon and selected the "all cells" dropdown. Word correctly added all
internal and external borders.

But the resulting document.xml file does not contain any border
specification, and the cells contain no border information either. Is
there a default which is being applied here, or is the data in some
other file? I cannot find any information about this in the dev docs.

(The document is an article being published so I cannot post the whole of
it here, as that would constitute prior publication. I can send it
individually to anyone who can solve this.)


lastColumn="0" noHBand="0" noVBand="1"/>